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We are a young Team from Germany and we want to safe your time!

Do you know these comments from Youtube under a 10-Minute-Video where someone is saying “just skip to 9:43” where the guy in the Video answers the question from the title in a few sentences? Or where someone gets thousands of likes by giving the Video some kind of table of contents? Our goal is to create a Platform where everyone can submit and get a summary and table of contents for every Youtube-Video they want and need. We get how precious our free time is and we want to help you get as many work done as possible. (And yeah, our attention span is short too). 😉

Same thing for Movies and TV-Shows, mostly for people who forgot what a Seasion or episode was about (like when you want to recap what happened just before a new seasions comes out). Of course you can also just use our site for saving money for a movie ticket. In this early Alpha-Stage of our site Youtube-Videos are our main priority.

If you want to help us (w/ Marketing, Design, Writing, Social Media etc. pp.) just give us a heads up! <3