Oktober 26, 2020
Celsius Didn't Invent Celsius

Celsius Didn’t Invent Celsius

Celsius never devised nor used the scale that now bears his name.

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More info about Celsius and temperature scales: http://wke.lt/w/s/2I6Nu

References for this video:

A History of the Thermometer and its uses in Meteorology by W. E. Knowles Middleton

Absolute Zero and the Conquest of Cold by Tom Shachtman

The Science of Measurement, A Historical Survey by Herbert Arthur Klein

Lehrbuch der Chemie by Jöns Jakob Berzelius

Special Thanks to the Uppsala University Museum
I filmed this in Uppsala in the summer of 2012! So I’ve been thinking about this idea for a very long time. I’m glad to finally have it out there in the world.

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